About us


Hello, My name is Tiffany Hill, I am an Entrepreneur born and raised in NYC. I specialize in art and fashion. Since I was a child I was always fascinated with African Kente cloth, Ancient Egypt and the Victorian era. I always had the idea I carried with me for years to design american style clothing that I would wear everyday with African prints. I also design other types of clothing that is not African inspired, I am addicted to design!

I re-launched Tiffantasy shop June 16th 2016, originally I started my shop with my artwork printed on clothing and handbags, but I gained an interest in footwear and transformed Tiffantasy into a brand new line, and gave it a new name of its own. Tiffantasy shoe line is now called Kingdom of Mel. Mel is short for Melanin. Its royalty inspired, with a touch of Prints including African prints and African american culture.

I get ask a lot if my business is blacked owned, The answer is yes but I do not discriminate against other races and cultures. I believe in unity peace and love. I am from NYC, it takes a true New Yorker to understand growing up in New York you are exposed to diversity and fashion. I will not discriminate against anyone, I will freely choose a diversity of models on my website.

On Kingdom of Mel you will also find other items that I did not design myself but that complements my store to make your shopping experience fulfilling. The ones I have designed will say in the description made per order or Designed by Tiff.

I am very active on Facebook, So if you want to stay up to date with Kingdom of Mel, go like on Facebook! Make sure while you are on Facebook to join my group to interact with other customers, its called Kingdom of Melanin (apparel) I also have an art website www.bytiffanythill.com that I have been running for two years. On my other site you can view my art portfolio, and other updates.

Recently I have discovered that someone has copied all my designs and my whole website, so if you see my designs somewhere else please beware they are copied. I plan to expand my clothing and accessories line later in the future and add more creative apparel that may not be African Inspired but made to compliment our melanated Kings and Qeens.