About us

Our designs are inspired by American Streetwear, and African royalty. Our designs cater to people who like to dress unique and stand out. What inspired the designer to start Kingdom of Mel was her love for streetwear and African clothing. Growing up in NYC she was use to dressing a certain way and couldn't find clothing that matched her personal style. Though she has many styles, Tiffany wanted to add her own style into the fashion world for both men and woman. She wanted to also create clothing for Melanin people born in america that they can identify with. Thanks to social media her designs came to life.

Her Kimono robes, Kente shoes and Red Black and Green Travel bags all went viral and are her most popular designs.

Many ask if Kingdom of Mel is black owned due to our Pan-African designs. Yes we proudly are!

Tiffany Hill, The designer of Kingdom of Melanin started her company June 2016. 

We wanted to introduce streetwear for the culture, and uniqueness for those who don't want to look like everyone else.

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