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Designer Review

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Check out our top designs worn by celebrities! Our travel bags are made of hefty, top quality, waterproof, anti-fade material. Each travel bag has lining inside with an extra pocket. They will make the perfect carry on bag for traveling, and gym bag! Our bags can hold up to 36 pounds. They come with a shoulder strap and can be worn by both men and women. They are made when ordered so order in advance! More details and measurements are in the description. Our customers loves their bags and tell us they get many complements with ALL of our designs.  Travel like Royalty with KINGDOM OF MEL. 


THOUSANDS of our customers said their purchase was well worth it! 

THOUSANDS of our customers said their purchase was well worth it! 

Ask if you dare, we tag them on Instagram. One of the most things we hear about our designs and products are how amazed our customers are due to the amount of complements traveling with our brand! We also hear that they love the quality of our most popular item, our travel bags! If you are a Kingdom of Mel customer feel free to tag us of a picture of YOU with our product to be the next featured!

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How is it often said where on the continent in Africa, "we are together" my sister! You produce are of high quality, very beautiful and emphasize the Afro-American culture with a mix of African culture. You are giving pride and a place for the black community to the world, so I support 1000%, and then you bring a higher value to the black community. It is I who thank you infinitely!


I finally got my Queen travel bag and kente running shoes! I am SO in love with them!! Totally worth the wait. I told my friends about it and they definitely going to purchase some stuff from your website! Thanks so much, I will definitely buy some more shoes and bags from you.


OMG! I just received my shoes a month ago, and my traveling bags for me and my KING, and we absolutely love them! We got so many complements and we will definetely be customers for life!

Shelby R.